Why Do You Love Her ???

Why Do You Love Her ???

For us girls, it’s easy to fall for the male lead or even the second lead most of the time. He only needs either a pretty face or some good acting (if both are found, the easier). But for the female lead it’s a bit harder to like her. There are so many times when I am watching a drama and suddenly think why in the world would anyone like this person? To make matters worse, not only one cute guy but two love her like crazy!!! What is their problem???

Here are some examples to remind you of them :

1. First, of course, it’s Geum Jan Di (Boys Over Flowers), the worst female lead in the history of dramaland. Oh god she’s whiny, she is so annoying, the way she speaks is irritating, her hair is horrid, and her clothes are super ugly every single time!!!! And the real problem is that all the F4 found her to be an amazing person and two of them fell in love with her!!!!!!


Goo Joon Pyo’s Opinion:  She’s so brave, she stands up for herself and her friends and she’s not afraid of the rich F4. Her clumsiness is so cute. And I like her hair!!!

2.  Next we have Pan Da Yang (Panda and Hedgehog). The truth is I really was looking forward to that drama since I liked Yoon Seung Ah in Playful Kiss. But here she was such a pain, always nagging and complaining, she did some very weird things, and she thought she was some kind of magical princess! I was like “choose one already you crazy girl!" Oh! And the butterfly song was awful.


Go Seung Ji’s opinion:  She is a very kind-hearted girl with a hard life. She is a good listener, cheers me on when I’m feeling down and supports my work, and she only nags a little !!!

3.  If you have seen King of Baking, you would know that there wasn't just one female lead, there were many characters, but Shin Yu Kyung played by Eugene was the main girl both leads loved. I just couldn't understand why Tak Goo loved her so much. Okay, the childhood memories and all, but now she is different. She is depressed all the time; she never smiles (like ever). I understand why Ma Jun liked her since they are both evil but not Tak Goo. I’m sorry, but let me just say this: her forehead is gigantic. Why doesn't she cover it with bangs???!!


Tag Ku’s opinion: We were childhood friends. We grew up in the same place and we both had a difficult life. Now she reminds me of home and my mother. Now she is beautiful - even her forehead!!!

4. Now for another epic mess aka Mok Dan from Bridal Mask and let me just say the actress is partly to blame for this horrible character. Her angry face,  surprised face, and her sad face were all the same. She kept getting in trouble and jumping around making all kinds of trouble. Why don’t you just sit at home and be quiet Mok Dan?? And I don’t understand how can they instantly change their feeling of hate to deep love ??? And she insisted on spitting on every character in the show. 

Kangto’s Opinion: She is a strong young woman with so much love for her country and people. She has strong opinions and courageously defends them - it’s not her fault she gets in bad situations every day. 

5. Finally, we have Park Shin Hye as Dok Mi (Flower Boy Next Door). She was the most boring character I have ever seen, nothing fun about her at all. She sits there in her room forever, her sad face sucks the soul out of me.  I just want to tell her when a very cute guy tries to cheer you up, cheer up already!


Enrique’s opinion:  she is a lonely girl that is afraid of the world but she has so much to give and she is very talented, she has many wounds that I want to heal, she reminds me of my younger self only a bit gloomier ><

So what’s your opinion do you agree with me or do you agree with the boys ?????!!!!!!!^^

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    CreativelySaid Jun 16, 2014

    These bitches be hatin' on geum jan di. Y'all are as catty as the other three hoes that kept taunting her throughout the series.

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    Dounie Mar 28, 2014

    Totally Agree for Go Hye Sung as Geum Jan Di she was such a lame ! Since then, I can't stand this actress . Yet , there are some actresses I like as much as my favorite actors .

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    bitterday Feb 20, 2014


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    burrwick Jan 24, 2014

    Are you kidding me? I love K-dramas BECAUSE of the woman! Oh sure a good plot helps but if I didn't find the woman of K-dramas so attractive they wouldn't have nearly the appeal that they do. Korean women are cute, adorable, sexy, feminine, beautiful.....ok, I could go on but some of you gals might think I'm going overboard. I suppose I'm not surprised that some women would find the ladies of K-dramas annoying but for me (a guy) I find just about every female character in K-dramas fascinating in some way. So don't be Jelly...give the lovely ladies of K-drama a break you gals who are annoyed, because for every guy you're crushing on there's a male viewer out here crushing on a lady.

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    Yoja_Chingu Jan 21, 2014

    The girl from Boys over flowers was definetly annoying.i mean i only saw one episode,and i knew that i wouldn't be able to watch another 20+ with her in it.i didn't like Gae In (Personal Taste) and Oh Ha Ni (Playful Kiss) either. Pan Da Yang (Panda and Hedgehog) was not all that bad to be honest.yes,she got a bit whiny,but after awhile she was OK.Also, Park Shin Hye as Go Dok Mi was awesome.i really loved the story,and i thought her acting was great..i mean,she had a reason why she avoided people.she was afraid that the people who she loved and trusted the most would just abandon her.(coz it had happened to her once before)

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    Stelllaa Jan 2, 2014

    Park Shin Hye, is just a soulless actress. Her emotional range is from stiff to stiffer. She may be pretty but she has no capacity to show emotion,whereas Lee Ji Eun (IU) is the polar opposite. Park Shin's stiffness makes her the least compelling romantic character, that is why her miserable self in Flower Boy Next Door was a perfect role for her.

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    smile4ever Jan 2, 2014

    I agree except Go Dok Mi. I do admit that I like seeing cheerful happy-go-lucky female characters with heroic traits that are easy to adore, but she was really refreshing and had something that made me like her really much. There was a realist for once in a drama who didn't volunteer to go on a day-trip with the weird guy next door who she barely knows and who could be a raper or murderer for the god's sake. We knew that he is a really nice guy who wouldn't even harm a fly, but how was she supposed to know. I'm not saying that every fe-character should be like her, but that she was a nice refreshment. Great article tough, no bashing on it:)

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    kiyrru Jan 1, 2014

    "Why don’t you just sit at home and be quiet Mok Dan?" Heheheh

    To be honest, I didn't mind Dok Mi; as another user posted below, she was dealing with a mental illness, and Park Shin Hye portrayed that quite well, for the most part. Enrique also evened her out what with his unusual childish-but-not-stupid personality. They evened each other out. It was nice.

    Jan Di, on the other hand, I can't even. Admittedly for the first episode I didn't really even pay too much attention to her (Don't blame me - I'd never watched a drama with Lee Min Ho in it before and I wanted to see what all the hype was about), but after a good few episodes I gave up. BOF wasn't a drama that I enjoyed thoroughly, however, so my opinion might be somewhat biased.

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    TaraVIP Dec 30, 2013

    i couldn't finish Panda and Hedgehog because of miss.panda
    and i really really really hate Geum Jan Di's personality
    i just can't get her.....she is so annoying
    at first it was just her personality
    since it was one of my first dramas i couldn't really compare her acting to other main female leads
    but after 4 years of watching dramas,when i rewatched bof , i found out that the problem is the actress herself
    Koo Hye Sun acts so fake and childish
    i can't watch any of her dramas
    sorry fans
    but she is the only korean actress that i really hate

    Nice article

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    nanatsu Dec 24, 2013

    I thought the same about Geum Jan Di (Boys Over Flowers). Maybe it's the actress that I have problem with. However, the Japanese's Hana Yori Dango female lead, Mao Inoue I really enjoyed watching her.

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    maryamrazaei Dec 23, 2013

    Ohh my gosh!! I thought I was the only one who thought thiss!! Please make more, Haha I was just like "yes,yes,yes yup, I agree!!" x

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    isohmas Dec 23, 2013

    you do realize that dok mi is dealing with mental illness or are you all just too ignorant to acknowledge it

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    loverain777 Dec 23, 2013

    I agree with your opinion on Pan Da yang and Dok Mi! Da Yang is so annoying, she keeps complaining and blaming Seungji for everything, when he is doing SO MUCH for her. She's so unreasonable, I couldn't stand her and stopped watching oanda and hedgehog.
    Dokmi was just boring - I didn't see why enrique liked her. I Understand why jinrak liked her, but enrique?! She was a character with barely any backbone, and for the first half NEVER ONCE DID I BELIEVE, or rather even KNOW that she liked enrique. Not until the kiss. She started to grow more backbone in the later episodes though, but she's still one of most boring leads.

    Surprisingly I actually liked Geun Jandi! Sure she was annoying sometimes but overall she was still ok! Lol

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    dramaqueenie Dec 23, 2013

    I think they should create female characters that are relatable instead of just being super-aegyo, or super-feminist something that is balanced, I think Dok Mi is a relatable character, her case is psychological and has a diagnosis, it is not just some kind of personality disorder like other female characters exhibit.. it is not some kind of aegyo-monster manifestations or the super feminist style!!

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    Lumiere Dec 23, 2013

    Mostly, K-drama targets female audience. Ironically that means the male leads gets all the attention and the arching plot lines while the female leads' background stories are often underdeveloped. In many cases the female lead's character is reduced to a mere plot device (Mok Dan who wasn't a character on its own right as much as she was an incentive for the guys' characters to change). Hence, their characterization is often weak and susceptible to irrational changes just for the sake of the plot to keep moving (Heir's Eun Sang I had no idea how and why she changes her mind regarding her relationship with Tan other than the plot needs to move).
    It's hard to find respectable female leads these days.
    I have to disagree on Dok Mi. She might have been dull but her character was well-thought and her journey back to the world was very interesting, at least for me :)

    Nice article

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      MrGu Dec 31, 2013

      The idea of a female lead that isn't really a character on its own is very interesting. It can explain why most of the girls/women in dramas are devoid of any "soul" and don't exist for "themselves" but almost only to fill the plot.
      Thank you for pointing out an ironical fact about the female audience target.

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