Si Si Xin Dong tells of a love that really begins with using the right shampoo. A country girl who followed her dreams of being a TV host to Shanghai, Zhang Xiaorou (Zhang Jiani) moves in to her new rented home with her best friend. Except it turns out that their new home was actually rented out secretly by the actual owner’s goofy friend (Super Boy Lu Hu). Still recovering from the disappearance of his love Lu Tian’er (Ying’er), the real owner, Ouyang Chen (Blue Lan) , returns home to see Tian’er’s room lighted. The familiar glossy hair and scent (of shampoo) makes him think Tian’er has returned, and he goes forward to hug the girl facing away from him, only to find a half-naked stranger in his embrace. … In the whirlwind of Shanghai, Xiaorou is caught between her pursuit of her dreams as a star and the wishes of her father for her to inherit the family restaurant as well as between the tender support of her coworker Andy and the insecure romance that blossoms between her and Chen.

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  • Kemetari 22 days ago
    It was a sweet drama. I can't believe they made a whole drama like a shampoo advertisement lol. It's a cute ending...but I still believe the lead girl deserved better than that weak guy. It's rare to have such a kind, righteous, courageous, and smart female lead. Usually when they make them kind, they make them weak, always crying and depressed over love, this one was optimistic, smart, but mostly very courageous to always do what she found was right no matter the consequences for her.
  • meganjoy12 Oct 17, 2013
    what the heck how can you have a lan blue drama and NOT have his voice, I mean seriously his voice is the sexiest thing on the planet but they dubbed him uggghhh
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Strands of Love

Strands of Love


  • Main Title: Strands of Love
  • Native title: 絲絲心動
  • Also Known as: Si Si Xin Dong

General Details

  • CountryChina
    NetworkHunan TV
  • Aired: July 26, 2010 to August 8, 2010
  • Airs On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • # of Episodes 24
    Average Duration 45 min. per episode
  • Genres: Romance


  • Score: 6.85 (scored by 20 users)
  • Ranked: #NA
  • Popularity: #1333
  • Members: 65
  • Favorites: 0
3.4 stars - based on 20 votes

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