Originally a mid-level manager with a promising future in a big corporation, the life of this elite employee changes dramatically one day. Having attracted the attention of his superiors for some reason, he is framed for a crime which he knows nothing of and forced out of the workplace. Even after that, he is assailed by a series of surprises and in one day, he loses his house, wealth and handphone until he is without a cent to his name. At his wits end, he comes to a park where he encounters two children. Learning from them how to survive even if he does not have money, he somehow weathers this crisis and discovers the truly important and priceless things in life.

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  • Jan 15, 2013 8 of 10 episodes seen
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    • Overall  9
    • Story  9
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  9
    • Rewatch Value  10
    This dramas message really is PRICELESS. I enjoyed every hour of it. Though the story isn't that original - underdog story of a man who finds joy in the priceless items of this world, like friendship, loyalty or 500 yen for rent - it's perfect in it's execution and pace. It give's you a warm and cuddly feeling every episode because it's strongest point is the light hearted relationship between the characters. And there is one theme I really love - different people that form a family by going through hardship and adventures. I remembered how awesome japanese are at forming friendship bonds and this drama does it in a really cute way. A MUST for every Kimura Takuya fan who loves chemistry (I do).

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  • 27 days ago 10 of 10 episodes seen
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    • Overall  10
    • Story  10
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  10
    • Rewatch Value  10
    What made me decide to watch this is its title itself and when I saw that it's a light drama then I decided to watch it. I can't stand too serious heavy dramas especially long ones since it will make me feel bored. After watching this drama, I can really say that it's totally worth it! It's an entertaining drama with a lesson. It teaches you about the 'priceless' things in life but at the same time it's not too preachy to the point that it's irritating and that's what I love about this drama. It touches hearts but at the same time entertaining enough for you to stay and finish it.Of course, Kimura Takuya's acting here is superb and I do love Karina here as read more
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  • Both show the life of individuals/families who are poor, but most importantly how they overcome all obstacles and still live life to the full, teaching those who are rich there is more to life than money, status & power
    reportRecommended by Doomed
  • in both main charaters have optimistic view to life what helps them get ower hard times and find their place in world.Both dramas are actually about priceless things in our life and both dramas have great actors.
    reportRecommended by Raincat

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  • Main Title: Priceless
  • Native title: PRICELESS ~あるわけねぇだろ,んなもん!~
  • Also Known as: PRICELESS ~Aru Wake Nedaro,n namon!~ ; PRICELESS ~There's no such thing!~

General Details

  • CountryJapan
    NetworkFuji TV
  • Aired: October 22, 2012 to December 24, 2012
  • Airs On: Monday
  • # of Episodes 10
    Average Duration 54 min. per episode
  • Genres: Comedy, Life


  • Score: 7.81 (scored by 590 users)
  • Ranked: #311
  • Popularity: #322
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3.9 stars - based on 590 votes

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