In an attempt to change her life, Tsuyama Shio, a 30-year-old plain-looking office lady at a conservative company, makes up her mind to get started by living in a shared house. Through a strange turn of events she meets two intriguing men and falls in love for the first time in a long while with one of them, Sakurai Yukiya. Sakurai is a salaryman in his 40s, has a wife and child but his life has ceased to matter because of something and he abandons work as well as family to come to the shared house. However, Sakurai is gradually drawn to the simple, gawky and mysterious Kawaki Tatsuhei, an alien being from outer space who came to the house attracted to Shio. And so a curious love triangle begins. -- Jdrama Weblog

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  • Oct 28, 2013 9 of 9 episodes seen
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    • Overall  8
    • Story  8
    • Acting/Cast  8
    • Music  8
    • Rewatch Value  7
    Finally found & finished this engsub series! This Jdrama is one of the underrated and under-viewed series for 2k13. The three leads carried this unique storyline about people who loose their footings in life who are accidentally-cosmically attracted to each other and live under the leaves of a glamorous tree house,topped with one of the leads claiming to be an alien. Quirky, intelligent, entertaining series for those looking for something well done and more adult-based and only 9eps. You will find yourself liking all the main&support; characters and rooting for the alien. Would I rewatch:Yes
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  • Oct 18, 2013 9 of 9 episodes seen
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    • Overall  7
    • Story  7
    • Acting/Cast  9
    • Music  8
    • Rewatch Value  5
    Story: As the previous review mentioned, the storyline had a lot of potential, which is why I gave it a 7. Frankly, it ended up going flat after the first some episodes.. but it also could have been a lot worse.
    Shio and Tatsuhei's storylines were fine, but unlike the prior reviewer, I found Yukiya to be the most boring character. Sure, the reason for him being such a stick in the mud is /kind of/ understandable, but he's still really dull throughout the entire series. His feelings for Tatsuhei are really the only interesting thing about his storyline, and that's because it's treated really light-hearted and added only for a comedic affect.

    Acting/Cast: I have no complaints here. They're all good actors, and - again
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Comments (22)

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  • yumivanessa Nov 27, 2013
    The end was a little disappointing but I liked it :D
  • MysteryMel Aug 27, 2013
    Started watching via dramacrazy - GONE, youtube - GONE, where are you watching this? I got up to ep5 subbed, would like to finish.
  • SayItAintSoJoe Aug 21, 2013
    I can't believe the second male lead actually got the girl for once!
  • Panda-san Jul 16, 2013
    I enjoyed the drama but I wish they chose a better looking guy for the second male lead. I mean, Ooizumi Yo isn't necessarily a grossly unattractive man but he isn't an ikemen either. Usually, in dramas there are two really hot actors as the male leads. The other two (Nakajima Yuto and Tanihara Shosuke) were cute though.
    • enitsugua Oct 18, 2013
      Just because he isn't your type doesn't mean he's unattractive. Way to be a shallow jerk. >_>
    • Panda-san Oct 18, 2013
      I did not say he was unattractive, just necessarily not the most attractive man in my opinion. Having an opinion on someone's appearance (which everyone is entitled to have) does not make shallow, just a person with a discerning eye.
  • Intimation Jul 12, 2013
    eng subs are out for episode 9
  • cherryharuhi33 Mar 29, 2013
    This is a nice and cute drama about innocent love. I enjoyed it a lot
    1 ❤
  • nielyngrace Mar 20, 2013
    i'm watching it. haha. Nakajima Yuto, Kame's younger brother in Nobuta. he all grown up. so tall.
    3 ❤
  • GokaiGold Mar 13, 2013
    it's now over.. why it's so short?! i thought it has 11 eps but, it change to 9 eps.. don't get me wrong, i love this show and i'm glad it's now subbed
  • sambart Feb 15, 2013
    NEVER thought I'd get my Boy Love kicks from this dorama! ><
    3 ❤
  • Minzys_back Feb 9, 2013
    An alien, really ? oO Okayyyy !?
    1 ❤
    • Mareina Mar 8, 2013
      that would sort of explain why he appeared naked out of nowhere and without any explanation in ep1 ^^
      2 ❤
  • Mareina Jan 30, 2013
    I've only seen up to ep3, but this would be so much better if we would see them falling in love bit by bit, and not start out with the feelings already there without any reason whatsoever. They are also trying a little too hard to be funny...
    The only character I really like is Kaoru! Still wanna know what's going to happen, though.
    1 ❤
  • Raincat Jan 16, 2013
    double? http://mydramalist.com/japanese-drama/6001/sharehouses-lovers
    3 ❤
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Share House no Koibito

Share House no Koibito


  • Main Title: Share House no Koibito
  • Native title: シェアハウスの恋人
  • Also Known as: Share House Lover ; Sheahausu no Koibito ; Sharehouse's Lovers ; Sharehouse no Koibito

General Details

  • CountryJapan
  • Aired: January 16, 2013 to March 13, 2013
  • Airs On: Wednesday
  • # of Episodes 9
    Average Duration 45 min. per episode
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance


  • Score: 6.70 (scored by 165 users)
  • Ranked: #1121
  • Popularity: #866
  • Members: 486
  • Favorites: 0
3.4 stars - based on 165 votes

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