When Rei Tamaki (Haruka Igawa) was a child, her parents died in an airplane accident in France. She grew up in a difficult environment and money was always hard to come by. Now in her 30's, Rei visits the accident site where her parents died. There, she meets Kazunari Shibusawa (Takahiro Fujimoto) who lost his wife in the same accident. Kazunari is the budget director for the Ministry of Finance. Rei falls in love with Kazunari and marries him. Kazunari has two sons who are now adults. His first son Hitoshi (Takumi Saito) follows in his father's path. Hitoshi works in the Ministry of Finance. His second son Kenji (Kento Nagayama) graduated from law school and is now preparing for the bar exam. Because of Rei, who tries to get close to Hitoshi and Kenji, and her beautiful appearance, the Shibusawa family begins have friction. Hitoshi is attracted to Rei. Rei begins to realize that what she wants from Kazunari is not love, but her late father's shadow. [from AsianWiki]

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  • Nov 8, 2013 9 of 9 episodes seen
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    Since I have finished it, I figure I may as well write a review.

    As you can see from the synopsis, the basis of this story revolves around a forbidden love aspect, in this case, a woman falling in love with her husband's son. Don't worry, there's no pedophilia here, all are adults. Interspersed throughout the drama is a secondary storyline about politics that I didn't really pay attention to, and I doubt anyone else watching this will, as it had no real bearing on the story in general. In fact, with the inclusion of the political story line I felt that the focus of the drama was a bit confused. Was I watching a political drama or a romance dram?

    That serves to be one
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Comments (23)

  1. 1800 characters remaining Spoiler?
  • katrina21 Jan 2, 2014
    hmm need some help here..... i cant find ep 7-9 i watch episode 1-6 on gooddrama so does anyone know where i can watch this drama at
  • wsa67 Oct 12, 2013
    I am loving this drama. Saito Takumi is great. The father really gives me the creeps.
  • sweetcaramel Oct 11, 2013
    This drama is kinda slow and hate some events that focus about politics and works but then at least at ep. 5 they finally revealed their true feelings.. so it's getting better... and I'm gonna be watching this until the end.. @_@
  • addicted2dramas Oct 6, 2013
    What a complicated story! Gotta watch this one!!
    1 ❤
  • diemme Oct 2, 2013
    Just started this and the first episode is a little slow. I hope it will pick up once they've introduced all the characters and set up the story.
    1 ❤
  • dpcirizarry123 Sep 28, 2013
    I just saw that Good Drama has up to episode 4 uploaded. Hope this helps! I will be watching this as soon as all the episodes are uploaded.
  • xTenshiAi Sep 28, 2013
    I tried watching it, it was just a bit awkward for me. It doesnt really capture my attention. I wanted to watch it for Saito Takumi and Kento as well
  • Panda-san Sep 21, 2013
    Anyone know where I can watch episode 2? I don't need subs so raw is fine. I looked on d-addicts, asiatorrents and googled...I found episode one on dailymotion but can't find the second one.
    • sam30317 Sep 22, 2013
      asiatorrents has it. You have to search for the title like usual, let it load then go all the way down the page to the drop-down menu that says "Search in", click on "file & description". You should b able to see that it has episode 2 and 3.

      If u dont already, it also helps to download "utorrent". My bitcomet wouldnt work with it, but utorrent works amazingly well!
    • Panda-san Sep 22, 2013
      Okay I found it. Thanks!
    • sam30317 Sep 23, 2013
      no prob!
    • Mareina Oct 2, 2013
      If you don't need subs, try here: http://dramamovielink.blog102.fc2.com/
      They usually have currently airing J-drama eps few hours after airing. Garasu no Ie is up to ep 5 there.
  • Mareina Sep 4, 2013
    I watched ep 1 and it seems to be a really good drama if you're into forbidden love =)It has great acting, too!
    • sam30317 Sep 4, 2013
      Where did u watch it?
    • Mareina Sep 4, 2013

      but it's raw
      1 ❤
    • mssarahlm Sep 6, 2013
      thanks, just saw it. trying to understand by their actions. hope they will sub this one. seems promising <3
      3 ❤
    • sam30317 Sep 8, 2013
      Thanks for the help! A new show that has the kind of taboo I like airs, and there are no subs- grrrrr!!!! J-dramas are neglected too much, smh
      4 ❤
    • KanashimiAngel Sep 18, 2013
      the subs are out for ep 1 & 2 ^_^ in case u haven't found out yet ^__^ don't know if the eps are on any streaming site hardsubbed since I haven't looked around, but if u guys want the subs, u can find them here http://helloheydays.com/ and u can dl ep 1 & 2 from here asiatorrents or d-addicts (if u know how to dl with torrents that is ^__^)
      2 ❤
    • sam30317 Sep 20, 2013
      Thanks for all the help! I know how to use torrents, but for some reason, everytime i try to get something from asiat. they never even start to download!! helloheydays worked the best for me. But now I have to find the actual video for episode 2. I already downloaded & watched episode 1 (downloading was a real pain since she only gave a link & not a file).

      If u find other ways of watching the show, keep us updated please!
    • KanashimiAngel Sep 20, 2013
      hmm... I think there must be sth wrong with your torrent client or with the way is configured... u have to use utorrent... or maybe it's because your ratio on asiat is below 0.50...
      anyway, you can find it here as well... I think it's direct download... just read the instructions they give there
      1 ❤
    • sam30317 Sep 20, 2013
      I downloaded the utorrent and it started downloading right away!! Not sure what the difference is btw bittorrent and utorrent though. And i have no idea what that ratio is u mentioned about asiat., but im guessing now it doesnt matter, lol

      Now i jus have to make sure the vid plays fine after download and see if subs r put for ep. 3 on the new site u gave me. Seriously, thanks soooo much!!!
    • KanashimiAngel Sep 20, 2013
      bittoreent doesn't work with asiat... and the ratio... well, u should probably read the rules about it... u have to maintained at least over 0.5 to be able to download... so that means after you download sth, u have to seed it as long as u can ^__^
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Garasu no Ie

Garasu no Ie


  • Main Title: Garasu no Ie
  • Native title: ガラスの家
  • Also Known as: Glass House; Glass no Kazoku

General Details

  • CountryJapan
  • Aired: September 3, 2013 to October 29, 2013
  • Airs On: Tuesday
  • # of Episodes 9
    Average Duration 48 min. per episode
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