The drama revolves around a love story between a tough guy, Yang Kang Chil and a bright veterinarian, Jung Ji Nah. Ji Nah's character is described as a cold and indifferent person with some deep emotional scars, but she changes after meeting Kang Chil who's lived a rough life and served some hard time as a result of a friend's scheme. She then learns to give all of herself for the one she loves. Meanwhile, Kim Bum is set to play as Kang Chil's most-trusted friend who's described as a guardian angel type character and has always been by Kang Chil's side.

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  • Jan 14, 2013 20 of 20 episodes seen
    24 of 28 people found this review helpful
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    • Overall  9
    • Story  9
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  10
    • Rewatch Value  9
    I am not really into a supernatural fictional stories or dramas but Padam Padam really got me watching it until the end. Jung Woo Sung, Na Moon Hee, and Han Ji Min really got me teary-eyed due to their skillful acting. At the first episode I was thinking if I'll continue watching it but right after that you'll get curious on how the crime on this drama will end. You must try watching this drama and you'll never regret it.
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  • Mar 5, 2012 20 of 20 episodes seen
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    • Overall  9
    • Story  9
    • Acting/Cast  10
    • Music  8
    • Rewatch Value  8
    This is a drama that does not fit simply into one category. I'd say Padam Padam is equal parts love story, tearjerker, crime drama, and supernatural tale. It combines all four genres seamlessly, and every moment of it felt genuine. I think much of the credit should go to the outstanding cast. I also liked that the director made some interesting storytelling choices that kept me engaged. This drama may not be fast paced, but it's originality stopped me from ever being bored. It was also consistently good. Not one of the 20 episodes felt like filler/unnecessary to me... and I think that's rare.

    I can't think of one bad actor in this cast. Jung Woo Sung, as Yang Kang Chil, was intense, and very moving.
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  • They deal with similar themes where two people lead conformist lives until something happens which makes them want to change how they live.
    reportRecommended by Ari_Lee
  • Padam Padam is the better drama if you're limited on time. Though, both dramas deal with a huge mother-son relationship. The characters' lives also feel like a similar tone. All of them have problems and it deals a lot with a slice of life even though they're melodramas.
    reportRecommended by Starlitelet

Comments (74)

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  • Yourtear_myrain Mar 8, 2014
    is this drama good? idk if i should watch it..
  • chebu Feb 24, 2014
    on ep13 now. very nice drama. I really like it. JWS is doing amazing job here. I truly hate detective Jung. And Kim Bum is sweet. Although he looks too much like Takeshi Kaneshiro in "Lavender".
    1 ❤
  • mesut_ozil Feb 21, 2014
    This drama is perfect. So perfect till someone like me who is not a fan of Korean drama can watch it until the end of it. Absolutely worth to re-watch it (which what I'm doing right now). 10/10.
    1 ❤
  • sobu Feb 9, 2014
    I like this drama so far, but was surprised that in episode 1 they let the robber drop the poodle out of his arms.. poor doggie ;(
  • wafa-aktouche Dec 31, 2013
    so much tears. so much imotions. i love it this drama was wounderfull . i loved the realationships between the cahracers so heartwarming . so glad i watched it tottaly a mst watch drama
    1 ❤
  • SaraXD Dec 24, 2013
    They focused a lot on the romance rather than the main character's fight for himself to clear his name.I wasn't expecting to go that way (not that I mind)

    The main character was VERY realistic.I mean at the last eps when he was so depressed and worn out of everything and even at the beginning he was a little like that, you would hate him for that, but it's definitely what a normal person would do.

    Overall, the show is fine. I kinda skipped some moments because they were repeating the whole "go fight don't be depressed don't push us away" in the last episodes.

    There's something that is bothering me though….a wooden ring? SERIOUSLY? WOODEN? ahaha.

    I wished for a more dramatic revenge but no, it wasn't THAT dramatic.
    1 ❤
  • SaraXD Dec 21, 2013
    at ep 3 and oh my God I LOVE IT!! T_T
    That dude…he's so good!
    and it's hilarious!
    1 ❤
  • iamsarah Nov 10, 2013
    1 ❤
  • T4nzil4-Kh4n Oct 27, 2013
    The best drama i have ever seen. I could watch this drama everyday without stopping!
    2 ❤
  • Raza Oct 22, 2013
    Padam Padam was my first K drama and till this day it's still my most favourite! It's more than just a drama, it was an epic journey that leaves a huge impact on the viewer.
    Nothing can compare to this...nothing! Also, I must say that this was comfortably Jung Woo Sung's best performance ever! He took acting to a whole new level.
    5 ❤
    • mesut_ozil Feb 21, 2014
      yeah,I have to admit I'm someone who will not spend a lot of time on romantic drama because I am more of action-movie/drama lover. But this drama is exceptional. It's so beautiful. I can't forget about it.
      1 ❤
  • Sandrose Oct 15, 2013
    I liked the father son storyline the most in this drama. Too bad there wasn't more. There was too much of han ji min everywhere, whereas I was interested more in the main character and his relationship with others.
    4 ❤
    • Sarah87 Oct 18, 2013
      I think exactly like you, bladey! What I liked the most about this drama was the relationship that he had with his family, especially his son. I would have liked to see more interactions between he and his family members and less romance with Han Ji Min.
      1 ❤
  • De1vSkm2 Sep 29, 2013
    I really did not like this drama because I couldnt stand the male lead. He just kept getting on my nerves so I had to stop watching even though I really love Kim Bum and Han Ji Min.
    • Raza Oct 22, 2013
      Very strange for you to make such a strange comment. No other actor could have acted the way Jung Woo Sung did in Padam Padam!
      JWS was the main reason why this drama is globally acclaimed, the show would not have survived with just Kim Bum and Han Ji Min.
      There is a reason why JWS is internationally recognized as one of the top actors.
      5 ❤
    • De1vSkm2 Oct 23, 2013
      Well, I'm not arguing that he's a bad actor. It was more of his character that I could not stand to watch. I've seen Jung Woo Sung in other movies, none of his other dramas, and really loved him in those, but his character in padam padam just got on my nerves.
  • KimWanHee Sep 26, 2013
    I absolutely hate dramas with bad endings...so can someone tell me if Padam Padam has a nice/happy ending or not? ^__^
  • ayzuwa Sep 3, 2013
    i'll only watch it because a like the song fool for you which is preformed by jea ..i saw the mv and i liked it *-*
  • MeMaria Aug 15, 2013
    I can't believe the main character is such an idiot.That girl's father should be reported to the police,he's crazy,he should get a life sentence for: abuse of power(beating innocent people for no reason like at the bar), abuse in the family(even his own daughter said that she's afraid of him), attempt murder(he pointed a gun at an innocent man for no reason) and there is destroying private propriety(i'm not talking about the ranch since he doesn't own it but about the things it took him days to make that he destroyed) .By my calculation he should get a life sentence
    2 ❤


Padam Padam

Padam Padam


  • Main Title: Padam Padam
  • Native title: 빠담빠담
  • Also Known as: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats; Bbadam Bbadam .. Keuwa Keunyeoui Shimjangbakdongsori; 빠담빠담... 그와 그녀의 심장박동소리; 빠담빠담 그와 그녀의 심장박동소리;

General Details

  • CountrySouth Korea
  • Aired: December 5, 2011 to February 7, 2012
  • Airs On: Monday, Tuesday
  • # of Episodes 20
    Average Duration 1 hr. 5 min. per episode
  • Genres: Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Life, Melodrama, Romance


  • Score: 7.78 (scored by 1,467 user)
  • Ranked: #333
  • Popularity: #99
  • Members: 4,203
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