Killa is a hired assassin who is also mute by choice. As a child he grew up in an orphanage and spoke with a lisp. Since that time Killer has never spoken. He spends his free time alone, watching bullfights on TV and eating seafood. Killa has decided to get surgery to correct his speech impediment. To pay for the operation Killa is taking on hits, but he will only kill those that are rude and nasty. He then meets a bar girl who comes in and out of his life as she wishes. Killa also takes in a street kid and the three of them become an informal family. Killa's life seems to be headed on the right track, but the last hit job turns his life upside down.

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    Little talked about and hard to find, No Mercy For The Rude is an unusual little Shin Ha Kyun vehicle. It doesn't manage to break any molds for any of its genres, but this film still manages to be entertaining and easy to watch. I'd even call it a decent gateway film for those of you seeking to ease friends and family into Korean film. Its charms are foreign enough to be interesting, while having an undeniable western flavor.

    Much of the appeal can be attributed to Shin Ha Kyun himself; his "Killer" is a mute who only communicates physically with other characters and through internal monologue with the audience. It's amazing how much he's able to convey with just body language and facial expressions! In
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No Mercy For The Rude

No Mercy For The Rude


  • Main Title: No Mercy For The Rude
  • Native title: 예의없는것들 / 예의없는 것들
  • Also Known as: Yeui-eomneun Geotdeul

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