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    • I am Ichihashi - Journal of a Murderer add
      Written by Jamira_dramaGAL 15 hours ago
      The movie is good take into the mind of a murderer. Though I felt the movie was a bit slow but I loved the cinematography and the overall feel of the movie. The shift between the past and present was… read more
    • Fearless add
      Written by ArcaneAlterEgo 1 day ago
      This was truly a gem. Not only were the action sequences spectacular, and I iterate spectacular, but the story line and acting as well as screen play was very tastefully done. Gone were the traditional… read more
    • Maybe add
      Written by Zhaoul 2 days ago
      Personally I loved this movie but I'm a huge Jang Hyuk fan so I'm pretty biased. If he wasn't in it, I probably wouldn't have like it as much as I did. Many people might find it uneventful and slow, but… read more

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    • If you liked
      ...then you might like
      Both are mature movies that have nudity and explicit sex scenes. Also both movies are about a man (who is still in love with the woman who left him) meeting a woman (who's boyfriend has cheated on her) and how they fall in love. But My P.S. Partner is a comedy, while Blowfish is a slow paced movie with hardly any talking.
    • If you liked
      ...then you might like
      Both films were directed by Kazuaki, they had the same type of CGI and action. Although Casshern is a Sci-Fi action film, Goemon was more Action/Historical oriented. If you liked one of them you would absolutely like the other.
    • If you liked
      ...then you might like
      Both deal with a male lead who lost his love and child, blame a woman for it, fall for her while getting revenge. Secret love is a little lighter on the abusive side.