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    • The Case of Itaewon Homicide add
      Written by ChaNee 2 days ago
      Since this movie is based on a real life case, I had to gain some knowledge before watching this movie. All in all, I think the writers, producers, directors, and actors did a wonderful job in the retelling… read more
    • Horror Stories 2 add
      Written by Goliath1357 2 days ago
      We are again treated to a storytelling scenario but the sequel fails to outdo it's predecessor. This time around we get a collection of short stories that have a conclusive ending but that doesn't make… read more
    • Horror Stories add
      Written by Goliath1357 2 days ago
      I am a fan of horror anthologies so this movie really appealed to me. I enjoyed the concept of someone telling scary stories in order not to be killed themselves. I liked the stories but none of them… read more

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    • If you liked
      ...then you might like
      Both films were directed by Kazuaki, they had the same type of CGI and action. Although Casshern is a Sci-Fi action film, Goemon was more Action/Historical oriented. If you liked one of them you would absolutely like the other.
    • If you liked
      ...then you might like
      Both deal with a male lead who lost his love and child, blame a woman for it, fall for her while getting revenge. Secret love is a little lighter on the abusive side.
    • If you liked
      ...then you might like
      Same time period and sequence of events, just different stories, both equally great.