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  • darkangel662008 Jul 23, 2012
    Happy something for you...look it up on General Forums:-)
  • Sandrose Feb 4, 2012
    Aww, thanks ^^ And I hope you will enjoy those! I'm really looking for something which has a similar feel to Sweet Relationship/ Vinyard man. At the moment the current rends in dramas seem to be on the wild eyecandy side- protect the boss, wild romance, flwer boy ramen shop. I'm going to try Shining Inheritance and a few others fro your list, maybe something will gauge my interest. Have a nice weekend.
  • Sandrose Jan 26, 2012
    As for a Moment to Remeber, it's one of those stories that left me with warm feelings and with hope. Thank you for the time to write such a lengthy comment, too, I appreciate it!
    I am still lolling at Geghis Khan song lol I heard it English, didn;t hear it in German, which I thnik is the original 1970s eurivision song, yes? And it was quite lovely adapted to Korean lol.
  • Sandrose Jan 26, 2012
    Lol, novels, odes, you can write as long as you like ^^ I wrote no less, either. The problem with Vineyard man is that it's dated now so may a bit forgotten, the title may be offputting for some, plus it lacks the star power of some modern eye candies, but I am personally very glad it was Oh Man Suk, he was the best country bumpkin ever lol. If youre into campus dramas, you could dry What's up? He has a role in Wild Romance, too, but itls the typical "hyung" role. Wild Romance is a bit like protect the boss with an alpha woman protecting a baseball player (Lee Dong Wok), yes I like the old fashioned romances too, they have that lovely feel to them and I'm always on the lookout for some. You could try checking City Hall. You could also try Pride with Takuya Kimura, though it has a sports setting, it's quite a lovely love story. I hope you will be able to enjoy them.
  • Sandrose Jan 24, 2012
    Hi there, BrilliantDevil, just wanted to thank you for your comment on the VineyardMan page, it really got me to watch the drama in the furst place, also because I adore Oh Man Suk. I see you also like Sweet Relationship,. It was also a pretty sweet and old-fashioned love story, enjoyed the build up. Pasta is one of my favourites too. But serious, there is just something about the Vinyard Man I really loved, though it's really quite a traditional romance, but gives off a good feeling, You should watch the movie The Classic, if you haven;t already, and A moment to Remeber Jung Woo Su's acting will hopefully give you something to remeber :D But thanks for your Vineyard comment, it really helped. I'd encourage you to still write your own review, if you have the time.
  • redhead Jan 18, 2012
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