When I was in high school & addicted to Anime & Manga, I've stumbled on Taiwanese Hana Kimi by accident.
I've really enjoyed it, but haven't research more about Asian shows until later. One of the reasons probably because after seeing American "drama", it given me a bad impression on anything related to "drama".

When I did researched about Asian drama after I've graduated HS, I was super surprised by the amount of them out there. I really got into Korean shows, especially with historical theme. It gave me a new look on their rich culture, history, cuisine, and people. I've learned more then I could of ever in school. [Like on IFunny. You learn a lot of stuff from there as well. Like "Japanese multiplication"... Google it!]

I've never really got into Chinese culture at first. I guess after watching movies like; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Fearless, I was feeling funny with the male hairstyles, sense I couldn't tell a difference between them. And it's just wasn't my taste.

First Chinese series that I've watched was Palace: The Lock Heart Jade. I still wasn't really into that certain time frame, but I really like the time-travel theme. After that, I've watched Startling By Each Step, similar to Place drama, and liked it. But again, I wasn't amused with the hairstyles and it felt like Chinese acting are very much "cheesy".

After a year or so, I found another time-travel show; The Myth, & I've stumbled on Wuxia Edge site while searching where to watch it. I've learned a bit more about different time frame which was more appealing to me. When I asked for help from the sites' owner, she have given me couple of recommendations like Chinese Paladin, and Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008, which to my surprised I really enjoyed after watching. Thus I've learned to "give it a go, before giving the final judgement".

Personally though, I stay away from pure romance/comedy shows. From my experience I've watched so much of them, that after a while it started to feel like same typical and predictable stuff, and I tend to loose interest after half way in. But sense most [actually all of them] shows have little bit of romance anyways, I rather watch a show with spice and unique themes, then just pure, modern romance that we see everyday.


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  • KangAhSsi Dec 28, 2013
    Ahh okay! I usually watch american series or read books when I'm on a break. xD I got The Last Of Us in christmas present though, so I might take a drama break too, haha! I'm so excited!

    I'm also going to ask my uncle if I can have his Nintendo (NES) because I'm dying to play all those old games again. Especially Adventure Island and Super Mario Bros. xD
  • KangAhSsi Dec 28, 2013
    Ahh okay! Why are you taking a break? :) I usually take breaks to, sometimes even if I doesn't want to, haha! I just get so tired of watching dramas sometimes and when I start to feel restless I can't concentrate at all.
  • KangAhSsi Dec 27, 2013
    I just stumbled across your profile and you've watched so many dramas that I love, for example The Young Warriors and The Myth (I'm still watching The Myth though). I really like those dramas, but not many have watched them. I also like The Fierce Wife and discovered that you've watched it too, haha! xD
  • WanderingRonin May 13, 2013
    Sank yu!! :D
  • WanderingRonin May 13, 2013
    Please where did you watch the Dae Jo Yeong drama?
  • GreenPaintedRose Apr 15, 2013
    Thx for your reply - i think i'll hang on a bit more :)
  • GreenPaintedRose Apr 15, 2013
    Because i've seen that you've watched Kim Soo Ro completely (and rated it with 8) i wanted to ask for your advice:
    --I really love this drama but i'm now at ep 17 and i have the feeling that the story is loosing itself (strange somehow)...
    --The problem probably also lies in the relationship between sooro and ahhye (i -can't- stand her)

    I'm really sorry that i'm asking you something like this out of nowhere but i hope you can tell me if it's worth continuing this drama... (I really like SooRo but he just got really ... *cries* I really wanna continue but if he stays like that... He's supposed to be a king in the future - he should act a bit more like one...)

    ...i hope i didn't trouble you...
  • Sandrose Apr 6, 2013
    :) I am watching it now and it seems to be pulling me in even more, I quite like the main character, he can be funny and some scenes are really funny; he is also quite adaptable, which I like even though he seems like an awful flirt. At the same time something feels a little off, the actor is doing really great, though. By the way, I'm glad Cho Seung Woo accepted the role in horse doctor- i had a chance to see him there for the first time and was quite smitten with his character and how he portrayed him. I'm left to wonder why some actors, like him, have such a likeable aura about them. Anyway, have a great day and weeekend too! :)
  • Sandrose Apr 6, 2013
    Hi. I came across your recommendation of A step into the past. I ocassionally like time travel dramas myself but when they make sense. Queen Inhuyns man made sense, JIN made sense. But series like Jade Palace lock heart committed a few continuity errors and I was unable to treat the production seriously, though the cast was nice. But I have to say a step into the past opened on a very strong note, I wasn't expecting such action from the beginning, that sort of opening tends to pull me in quickly and now I want to see how the character will deal with his experiment, so thank you for pointing this drama out, it looks like a very entertaining watch from the get-go! And I love your profile introduction, very interesting read!
    1 ❤
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