Hello there, welcome to my page! You guys can just call me Yee. :)
For my history with asian dramas, As long as I can remember, I was always watching Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Thai dramas all together when I was young because of my parents and relatives. 
Anyways, I am learning how to speak Japanese and hope to go to Japan one day!!! ^^

-- Of course, I listen to k-pop, j-pop, t-pop, and thai pop also. But I love ROCKK music. 

My favorite Korean Actors: *Not in any particular order, well, maybe just a little. :D 

1. Kang Dong Won -
You guys can probably say that this guy is my 2nd first love... ohhh, wait there can't be any second first love, can it? (Kang Sang Woo was my first love because of 'Stairway to Heaven", btw) . Anyways, this guy is my urghmm.. **COUGH COUGH, my WEAKNESS!!! OH my, he is just gorgeous. I first saw him in the movie "Wolve's Temptation" and cried the hell out  of myself, he is actually the reason why I even got into korean dramas and movies.. After Maunday Thursday and the Duelist, I quickly became a fan. 

2. So Ji Sub-
He's the type of guy that if he looks scrubby and rough, I'd take him in anytime! I mean, would you look at that, he just have an aura about him that screams that he's sexy with out trying. First time I saw him was in "Glass Slipper", I wasn't too fond of him then. But a friend introduced me to "I'm Sorry , I love you" and then KABAMMM. I fell in love.. wait I can't really say that I fell in love w/ him, I do though but I love his acting more. His serious roles are what attracted me to him. <3 Esp. it reminds me that he can really be one of those 'manga guys' ... ya know what I mean? no? 

3. Shin Ha Kyun-
Awww, would you look at that. I've seen him various roles in lots and lots of movies such as 'Surprise Party, The Thieves, Front Line, Welcome to Dongmakgol, No Mercy for the Rude' . I didn't even know he was the same guy.. LOl for my stupidness, but then I took notice of him in the movie "Take Off" and which I stalk him up. & noticed that he was in all of those movies.. hehe, & also noticed that he has a charming smile. He's my action buddy. 

4. Won Bin-
Oh how dare you WON BIN! How can a man such as you exist in the world! *pulls out hair* It makes a woman insane when you find a guy who has a sexy body, good looks, and has good acting skills. Can't remember when I found him, either with 'Autumn Tale or Friends'. Either way, I always thought he was good looking when I first saw him. Talk about this, me and my twin was always battling each other like craze when we watched Autumn Tale because I said Won Bin was better than Song Seung Heon. ^^ 

5. last but not least, we have.... *drum roll!!! .. : Jung Woo Sung
I swear, this guy is like gravity. Whatever he's in, he always have my attention. I know I shouldn't be saying this but he's adorable!! This guy! Yes, A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. The most memorable role he's been in was 'Daisy'. But of course who cannot forget the other roles like "A moment to remember and sad movie". 

6. I lied, this is the real last one. Which is... Jung Jae Young!
So, yeah, I totally thought that Jung Woo Sung was the last one on the list, but oh how could I ever forget this guy!!! I love him! Yes yes, especially in 'Castaway on the Moon and Going by the Book'.. He's also in many other good films also. 

Others who could fit in the list:
-Park Ki Woong-- omg, his smile!
-Kim Jae Wook-- My new obsession

Favorite Korean Actresses: 

1. Ha Ji Won
This woman is awesome. More so, her dramas! Especially countless ones such as 'Secret Garden, King2Hearts, Damo, and What Happened in Bali" , her movies = <3. Not to mention, she may be the definition of cute, pretty and sexy altogether! (IMO)

2. Jung Ryeo Won오후-9.20.181.png
I love this girl's smile. But what I love was seeing her acting skills improve throughout the years. See "Ja Myung Go to Salary Man to King of Dramas". Absolutely loved her in the movie she starred with Jung Jae Young, 'Castaway on the Moon'. 

3. Jun Ji Hyun
Of course, who could forget this woman. For my opinion, she represents KOREA. With all the movies she done , she is so successful. My favorites are 'Windstruck, Il Mare, Daisy, and My Sassy Girl'. 

4. Im Su Jeong임수정~2.JPG
Like So Ji Sub, I found her in the drama 'I'm sorry, I loved you'. But then who ever thought I would stalk her up? ahah, just kidding. Maybe a little but I love her acting. Something mysterious and strange about her but she looks so cute and innocent.. 

5. Shin Min Ah
She gained this spot because of her beauty and because of here dramas.. " My girlfriend is a Gumiho, A love to kill, and Arang and the Magistrate". Somewhat, I've always liked her. 

Other actresses: 
-Park Shin Hye--  Well... yeah. She could be. 
-Park Bo Young-- Young but I have a soft spot for her, maybe bc of 'Speedy Scandal' 
-Moon Geun Young- I actually love this girl. But she's missing something.

Favorite Japanese Actors:

1. Yamashita Tomohisa
Kurosagi. That drama made me go awfully crazy on him!!! Omgahhhh!!! <3 Then Comes along Buzzer Beat. 
My first Japanese Actor crush.. and forever a Yamapi fan!

2. Shun Oguri
This guy is such a good actor! I loved him the most in Crows Zero. How do I explain it, he's just awesome. 

3. Haruma Miura
I love this guy's smile. So good looking too! Found him in Koizora.. I cried a BUNCH. Also, Kimi Ni Todoke. <3

4. Ikuta Toma

Hana Kimi. Isn't he sexy here?! @_@ 

5. Kamenashi Kazuya
Oh yes! Oh yes! 

Sato Takeru- <3<3<3 
Matsumoto Jun-Hana Yori Dango!! 
Yamamoto Yusuke- Didn't like him at first, but I grew to stay attached to him.
Ryo Nishikido - Love him in 1 litre of tears. But that's the only one I've seen him in though.

Japanese Actresses: 

1. Maki Horikita

She is soo cute! It's like she came out of manga! I found her in Atashinichi No Danshi. Which I love. And then to Hana Kimi to Kurosagi which just drove me to an insane stage of fan girl. Lol, then, she became my top one when I watched other movies and dramas of hers!

2.Kitagawa Keiko
This girl is really pretty. She is in Buzzer Beat, and then also Paradise Kiss. I totally admire her.

3.Nakama Yukie
Beautiful and a natural. I fell in love with her in Gokusen, naturally. I totally marothoned it. Ahah.. After Atashinichi No Danshi and Kurosagi, her Gokusen is in third place.. in my heart. :) 

4.Ayase Haruka
My my my. Would you look at that smile. She's a good actress. Much I can say! 

5.Satsuki Shimabukuro
SOOO gorgeous. She was in Dance! Subaru . That's where I found her btw. And then in Crows Zero.

Other Actresses:
-Sawajiri Erika
-Oomasa Aya 


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